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Rightsizing cloud application deployments using patented predictive auto-scaling technology

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Elastisys offers a cloud automation platform that rightsizes cloud application deployments using predictive auto-scaling to ensure that the application runs cost-efficiently and is responsive at all times, even in the face of sudden load spikes. The Elastisys cloud automation platform is capable of managing cloud deployments that are private, public, or even hosted across different clouds.


Case Study

Delbart Case Study: Scalable WordPress deployed with Elastisys cloud automation platform

On 2016-05-17, we published a case study about how Delbart cut response times by a factor 10, cloud expenses by 60% and is able to auto-scale their site by using Elastisys Scalable WordPress. Read the Delbart Case Study: Scalable WordPress deployed with Elastisys cloud automation platform.

Product launch: Scalable WordPress

Scalable WordPress by Elastisys

On 2016-05-19 Elastisys announced Scalable WordPress: a packaged solution that combines industry best practices for deploying and configuring WordPress with modern technologies and industry-leading auto-scaling. Deploys to any OpenStack-based cloud or AWS. Read the Scalable WordPress product page.

Elastisys cloud automation platform features

The elastisys cloud automation platform is a set of tools used for cloud management automation. It is compatible with Amazon Web Services and OpenStack, and we are currently developing support for Microsoft Azure as well.

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Learn and investigate how your cloud application deployment is doing.

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Predictive auto-scaling

Determine the right deployment size proactively using our top of the line predictive auto-scaling algorithms.

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Health checks

Detect potential issues in your cloud application deployment and mark unhealthy instances for further handling, whether automatic or manual.

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Automate routine cloud deployment tasks to free valuable time for your operations team.

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Cruise control

Isolate and replace unhealthy cloud instances automatically, investigate root causes later.

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Cloud pools

Manage your entire cloud application deployment with ease.

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Multi-cloud deployments

Spread your cloud application deployment to multiple clouds for performance and fault-tolerance reasons.

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Elastisys professional services

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Cloud deployment groundwork

Succeed in cloud adoption strategy by taking advantage of our extensive experience with feasibility studies, cloud onboarding, and service architecture and design.

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Elastisys cloud platform integration

Make your cloud deployment more robust, high-performing, and cost-efficient using our cloud platform, without having to worry about the details on your own. Have one of our engineers do it for you!

elastisys offers its cloud platform and professional services

Smart software for elastic systems

Elastisys provides products and services for scalable and responsive IT systems, with an emphasis on auto-scaling with multi-cloud capabilities. Elastisys products and services extend on decades of internationally leading research in distributed systems, high performance computing, and autonomous management of virtualized resources. How can we improve your cloud deployment?