Product features

Product features

The elastisys cloud platform makes your cloud deployment more robust, increases its performance, and makes it more cost-efficient.

Proactive auto-scaling

Whether anticipated or not, a sudden influx of users can bring a service to its knees and degrade user experience. This can lead to a loss of sales, customer unwillingness to return, and bad reputation. Even Google search result rankings suffer if a web page is slow to respond. With elastisys cloud platform proactive auto scaling features, services are always allocated the right amount of cloud capacity. As our algorithms determine that more capacity will be required, it is allocated ahead of time to ensure that your service is running smoothly as your users start exploring your service.


Computer systems sometimes fail. And when they do, the best course of action until a fix has been identified and implemented, is to isolate the component that failed for further inspection and to provision a replacement so the service as a whole does not suffer from low capacity. The elastisys cloud platform automates these steps and helps customers get robust cloud deployments that can tolerate faults, no matter where they come from. If a component fails, the platform notices this during periodic health checks. The failed component is then stopped, system operators are notified, and a replacement is provisioned. And it all happens within the smallest possible time frame.

Multi-cloud deployment

Get closer to your customers and increase the resilience of your cloud deployment by making use of multiple clouds. Our customers offer online services with better response times than their competitors, opening up their services to be enjoyed by new markets around the globe. The elastisys cloud platform makes such global deployments easy to set up and manage.

Some parts of services need not be available at all times: numbers need crunching, videos need rendering, invoices need to be generated — the computational resources to carry out these tasks do not need to be allocated except when there is work to do. For this reason, Amazon pioneered the Spot market for cloud resources, offering the possibility of significant cloud deployment cost savings. With the elastisys cloud platform, making use of Spot instances is a snap. And because we understand that the work does need to be carried out at some point, it is easy to set up the platform to automatically instead use regular on-demand instances if no Spot instances are available to get the work done on time.

Automatic provisioning

Virtual machines can be provisioned, configured, and made fully operational in minutes. This type of agility is the corner stone of the elastisys cloud platform. Is your cloud service or provisioning process not quite there yet? Elastisys offers professional services that helps make your service able to take advantage of automation, and making it robust, perform better, and run cost-efficiently in the cloud.

Compatibility with all, lock-in to none

The elastisys cloud platform is all about letting our customers use the tools and software stacks they are most comfortable with. To use the platform, one does not need to run any particular elastisys cloud image, or limit oneself to a certain configuration management tool. We ensure compatibility with all major cloud infrastructure vendors, and develop custom cloud adapters rapidly to work with currently unsupported APIs. Check out the code on github!

The elastisys cloud platform is compatible with a large number of third-party services due to its support for web hooks, a technology that lets services communicate via a well-understood and well-supported HTTP protocol.

Predictive analytics

The elastisys cloud platform includes advanced predictive analytics algorithms that crunch the numbers on how your cloud service is performing, and can act as input to decide how to scale your service’s cloud deployment to best accommodate current and future resource usage.