Make Kubernetes & DevSecOps expertise your edge.

Run your applications on a security hardened Kubernetes platform. Fully taken care of.

Let your developers focus
on building customer value.

Get more than the traditional managed service. Instead of just a managed control plane, you get a team that takes full responsibility of your Kubernetes clusters. That way, your developers can focus on building awesome applications.

Security hardened, compliance ready.

Kubernetes is not secure by default. Get the features needed for a reliable and secure Kubernetes cluster, pre-configured and battle tested. Policy as Code features and CISO dashboards built in help keep you in compliance with your policies.

TRULY Cloud Agnostic.

Run a single Kubernetes-based platform across all clouds or on-premise installations. Quickly gain access to new markets and ensure business continuity through a truly portable platform. Save engineering effort by unifying and simplifying tools and processes. 


Access to experts.

As your service partner, we help you succeed. Whether through additional architectural guidance, training, or hands-on DevOps implementation. We can super charge your team on a consultancy basis.

We help companies ranging from startups to enterprises succeed with secure cloud deployments

Compatible with your current tech stack.

Elastisys partners with best of breed cloud providers & technology vendors of the cloud native ecosystem.