Enabling worry-free, cloud-native IT operations

We believe in autopiloted IT operations. We provide outstanding solutions and services around the cloud and DevOps ecosystems, with focus on cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes. Our solutions increase the performance and availability of your applications and provide automation and actionable intelligence for IT operations, all based on world renowned cloud and network research.

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We believe in the power of intelligent automation

We believe that machine learning and AI should be more extensively applied to automate IT operations. Just like we can build self-driving cars, we should build self-driving computer systems.

Computer systems should collect and make sense of operational data on their own and make use of this knowledge to fine-tune system behavior. Such autonomous systems relieve your DevOps or IT staff from boring tasks. Instead, they can focus on what matters: improving your unique service offering and processes.

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Areas of expertise

High Availability

Our infrastructure designs and passion for automation ensure that your services are
always available to serve your users.


Our knowledge and patented technology enables your services to deliver a great user
experience, every time.


We help you run your IT operations in the most optimal way for your business.

Cloud Architecture

We ensure that your applications can run in the cloud(s) according to best practices.

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DevOps Services

We help your developers and operators set up the best process for delivering new
features faster and to operate your service in the best way.

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Data Analytics and R&D

We ensure that you collect the right data from your service and infrastructure and use
that to optimize your business.

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We love working with …

Working with us


Bring us in to help with your cloud-native roadmap, either through
architectural reviews or hands-on, technical workshops.

Design and Implementation

We help bring your vision into reality, using best of breed 3rd party
products or our own solutions. Based in northern Sweden, we work both onsite and remotely.


We empower your teams to take maximum benefits of the new, modern approach
to running IT workloads – we run training in Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift.



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Elastisys is a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider, one of very few in Europe. This makes us the obvious choice for companies that wish to accelerate their Kubernetes success stories. We have a lot of experience setting up highly available clusters and developing applications. Also, our smart tools ensure that capacity is allocated correctly. Because our predictive auto-scaling solution scales both your cluster, and the number of Pods in it, you can worry about other things.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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Elastisys is a CNCF silver member, helping to shape the cloud native landscape Todays infrastructure landscape is complex and ever changing. How should you architect your application environment to keep it future proof and also deliver on critical uptime and performance requirements? Based on our extensive experience, we help guide you on your cloud native journey.

Red Hat

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Elastisys is a Advanced Red Hat partner, specializing in OpenShift deployment and support. Leveraging our broad microservices, open source and container orchestration knowledge, we help you design and implement the best OpenShift environment for your use cases.

Our Solutions

Elastisys has been in business since 2011. Our background in cloud research goes back even further
than that. Our solutions are custom-made to fit your needs, whether on-premise or in the cloud. We
know your core business is not in running IT operations, so our solutions are made with that in
mind. Get more freedom to innovate and accelerate your success with Elastisys solutions!

Highly Available Kubernetes

Elastisys Highly Available Kubernetes gives operators peace of mind as
Kubernetes becomes a central piece in the software delivery pipeline. Core components are
replicated and kept available to the largest extent possible.

Scalable Kubernetes

Elastisys Scalable Kubernetes safeguards important core cluster
components and Pods in the face of cluster scaling operations.

Kubernetes Insights

Elastisys Kubernetes Insights packages and configures logging,
monitoring, and tracing software to provide the data upon which accurate operational decisions
can be made.

Cloud Management Platform

Elastisys Cloud Management Platform offers unparalleled online cloud
cost optimization via automation combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Administrators can also set deployment constraints for regulatory purposes on e.g. data

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