Self-driving management of service quality

Ensure an amazing customer experience. Proactively manage the infrastructure of your mission critical services using predictive analytics to increase performance and availability.

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We believe in the power of intelligent automation

Maching learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are hot topics these days, with their methods being applied across a wide number of domains to achieve automation. Todays computers are fully capable of recognizing speech, giving personalized movie recommendations, and operating self-driving cars. In short, machine learning and AI are potent enablers of automation.

We believe that machine learning and AI can and should be more extensively applied to automate IT operations. Just like we can build self-driving cars, we should be building self-driving computer systems.

Computer systems should, themselves, collect and make sense of operational data and use this knowledge to fine-tune system behavior. Such autonomous systems relieve technicians from the mundane and tedious task of tracking and reacting to low-level system metrics, instead giving them the freedom to concentrate on application-level tuning.

Our approach

Our approach combines cutting-edge research with artificial intelligence and DevOps expertise with the long-term intent of building the next generation of IT operations.

Cutting-edge Research

We work closely together with Europe’s leading research group in distributed systems and cloud management (

Artificial Intelligence

We use predictive analytics, based on patented algorithms, to proactively provision capacity and make sure your service is available and responsive by learning its patterns and managing capacity in real time.

Cloud and Devops Expertise

We have been architecting, provisioning, scaling and managing cloud infrastructure since before it was called cloud, helping all types of companies deliver their services in all the major public and private clouds.

Our Products

Based on our experience we’ve developed an intelligent automation platform for IT infrastructure and packaged it for use by customers in different industries. We use predictive analytics to proactively make sure your service is available and responsive by learning its patterns and managing capacity in real time. Our products are vendor neutral and supports all major public and on-premise clouds.




Our cloud automation software and tool chain portfolio is wide and can be customized to acommodate the needs of many different business segments and use cases. We’ve helped companies in many different business sectors automate and fine-tune their systems to deliver improved customer experience.

Telecommunication Service Providers

As a telecom operator you can decrease operating expenses and increase end user satisfaction through higher availability and better quality of services. As a service provider you benefit from intelligent, proactive service assurance no matter if you are virtualizing network functions, providing cloud-native services to end-users or looking to support large-scale IoT or edge-cloud initiatives.

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Online Retailers

As a ecommerce operator, Elastisys software allows you to increase your revenue by always providing a great user experience and allowing your users to shop no matter if it’s in the middle of the yearly Black Friday rush or after your market campaign have gone unexpectedly viral.

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Online Service Providers

If you provide any kind of online service in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) manner in industries like fintech, gaming, betting, online marketplaces or media you can greatly increase user experience, retention and revenue by making sure your service always is available and running smoothly.

Our services

Contact us if you have online applications or services where a good user experience is a competitive advantage. No matter if you just want inspiration and a chat about best practices or are curious about our products, we love to talk about what we believe are the future: intelligent systems running operations for mission critical applications.

Cloud Advisory Services

Based on our research background and expertise we’ve had the chance to advice companies such as BankID and Swedish governmental organisations on cloud strategies, on-boarding and architecture as well as capacity and availability optimization. We are also active in the OpenStack community and have helped companies both migrate to and configure OpenStack environments.

Automated Operations Services

We have many years experience of helping companies get up and running with devops tools and processes such as Docker, Kubernetes, Vagrant, Puppet, Chef, Ansible and Terraform.

R&D Collaborations

Based on our close research ties, we collaborate with R&D departments at large enterprises who want to apply cutting edge cloud and automation know-how to pave the way for their business offerings of the future. We’ve both put active, leading researchers as consultants in highly technical R&D projects or just facilitated industry-research collaborations or workshops.