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Focus on your application. Everything underneath is taken care of. Run Elastisys Kubernetes Platform as a Service.

Worry-free platform operations,
security and support included

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Trusted by software companies
that value data privacy and security

A fully equipped container platform,
designed for security and efficiency

PostgreSQL Database
RabbitMQ message queue
Redis cache
Security & Safeguards
Monitoring & Logging stack

A complete open source solution,
available on EU clouds

Benefits of Kubernetes Platform as a Service


  • SEK
  • NOK
  • EUR
  • Standard
  • Premium


from 25 000 SEK/month
from 25 000 NOK/month
from €2,500/month

Suitable for startups or development environments. Access to support during office hours.


from €4,000/month
from 40 000 SEK/month
from 40 000 NOK/month

Suitable for enterprise and production environments. When you need access to support 24/7.

Monitoring8-5 (CET)24/7 Access to On-Call Engineer
Uptime SLA*
* Depends on cloud provider.
Best Effort Uptime SLA99.95% Uptime SLA

Always Included

Managed Elastisys Compliant KubernetesYesYes
Support8-5 (CET)8-5 (CET)
Slack, Email, Telephone YesYes
A Technical Point of ContactYesYes
Daily health checksYesYes
Incident reportingYesYes
Platform TroubleshootingYesYes
Proactive notificationYesYes
Monthly UpdatesYesYes
Security PatchingYesYes


Managed PostgreSQL® by ElastisysAvailableAvailable
Managed Ephemeral Redis® by ElastisysAvailable Available
Managed RabbitMQ® by ElastisysAvailable Available
Managed Time Series DatabaseAvailable (Early Access)Available (Early Access)
Compliant Kubernetes Training for App developersAvailableAvailable
DevSecOps as a ServiceAvailableAvailable


It is very easy to get started! You have two options. You can explore Compliant Kubernetes on your own with the open source version by following our installation guides over at the Compliant Kubernetes documentation site. Or you can get started with Compliant Kubernetes as a fully-managed service on any of our supported cloud environments.

Elastisys offers consulting services within Kubernetes, DevOps, and DevSecOps. Read about our team-based consulting philosophy. We can strengthen your team and reduce your time to market. Contact Sales today and set up an entirely commitment-free consultation meeting.

Compliant Kubernetes by Elastisys is a Certified Kubernetes distribution. That means that any tools or software that assume a working Kubernetes cluster will operate without issue on Compliant Kubernetes. So if you can deploy to Kubernetes, you can rest assured that you can deploy to Compliant Kubernetes. That said, we do take a stronger security stance by default than Kubernetes itself, which will disallow certain insecure configurations and deployments. Please read the documentation for Compliant Kubernetes that discusses these restrictions for detailed information.

Our standard mutual termination period is 2 months, which can be changed up and down depending on customer preferences.

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