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We have recently published a case study together with Delbart, a popular Swedish curator of online content and platform for social media growth. In the case study, you can read how Delbart cut response times by a factor 10, cloud expenses by 60%, and is able to auto-scale their site by using Elastisys Scalable WordPress.

By relying on Elastisys Scalable WordPress response times were cut significantly due to caching, cloud expenses slashed by 60% due to auto-scaling, and the site is able to handle significantly larger number of concurrent visitors. Response times were cut by a factor 10, letting web browsers render each page much quicker. The site is now able to cope with increasing popularity thanks to Elastisys’ auto-scaling, which adds and removes capacity as needed. Contact us and set up a demo of Scalable WordPress for your own site!

Download the Delbart Scalable WordPress case study

Obtain the case study in PDF format by clicking the image below:

Delbart Case Study: Scalable WordPress deployed with Elastisys cloud automation platform

Delbart Case Study: Scalable WordPress deployed with Elastisys cloud automation platform

About Scalable WordPress

Scalable WordPress is a packaged solution that combines industry best practices for deploying and configuring WordPress with modern technologies and industry-leading auto-scaling. Scalable WordPress enables you to achieve high performance and scalability in one deployment.

It includes load balancing, SSL termination, a networked file system, a clustered database, HTTP acceleration caching, and database offloading via caching. The Elastisys Cloud Platform ensures that there is just the right number of each component deployed by using our patented predictive auto-scaling engine. Performance is optimized for WordPress sites of all sizes, and administration is as simple as for a single-server deployment.

Read more about Scalable WordPress by clicking the link.

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