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3 Key Takeaways from Vitalis 2024

Vitalis 2024, the largest eHealth event in Scandinavia, recently took place in Gothenburg, Sweden. It brought together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to explore the latest trends and technologies shaping the healthcare landscape. As a company involved in the sector, we at Elastisys were super excited to exhibit and engage with current customers and other eHealth professionals. Here are three key takeaways from the conference that highlight the shifting paradigms and emerging opportunities in health tech.

1. AI and Machine Learning: The Future of Healthcare Innovation

One of the standout themes was the huge impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in healthcare. Just like at KubeCon 2024, AI and ML were hot topics, highlighting their incredible potential to transform the industry.

Key Insights:

  • AI in Diagnostics and Treatment: AI is increasingly being utilized to enhance diagnostic accuracy and personalize treatment plans. This technology promises to reduce human error, streamline workflows, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.
  • Data Management and Security: As AI grows, so do concerns about data security and patient privacy. The conference stressed the importance of strong regulations to protect sensitive patient data while making the most of AI's benefits.
  • Regulatory Landscape: It’s clear that regulating AI and patient data is necessary. The "wild west" approach needs to be replaced with stringent laws and guidelines to ensure ethical and secure use of AI in healthcare.

AI and ML are no longer just "nice-to-have" technologies; they are "need-to-have" solutions reshaping the healthcare industry. At Elastisys, we’re genuinely excited about the possibilities and are committed to helping our clients navigate this new landscape while complying with regulations.

2. Preparing for NIS2: Ensuring Compliance and Security

Another significant takeaway from Vitalis 2024 is the upcoming NIS2 directive, which will have major implications for healthcare. Organizations need to start preparing now to meet these new requirements.

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Key Insights:

  • Understanding NIS2: The Network and Information Systems (NIS2) directive is focused on improving cybersecurity resilience in critical sectors like healthcare. This means stricter security protocols and more detailed incident reporting.
  • Compliance Challenges: Many organizations are finding the complexity of NIS2 compliance daunting. There’s a clear need for expert guidance and practical solutions to help them through this process.
  • The Impact of NIS2: Our Field CTO, Lars Larsson, addressed these challenges in his talk, "The Impact of NIS2 on Swedish Healthcare Software Services," at Vitalis. He translated the complex regulations into actionable insights using engaging metaphors and real-world examples, making the cybersecurity landscape clearer for SaaS companies in healthcare. You can watch the recording here:

3. Celebrating Our Customers: Leading the Way in eHealth

Vitalis 2024 was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our customers, who are leading the way in health tech innovation.

Key Insights:

  • Customer Success Stories: It was inspiring to see our customers showcasing their solutions at Vitalis. Their success stories demonstrate the positive results of our collaboration and the capabilities of the technologies they use.
  • Recognition and Support: Companies that are "doing it right" deserve recognition. Their commitment to adopting cutting-edge solutions and adhering to best practices sets a benchmark for the industry.
  • Future Prospects: As we continue to support our customers, we're excited about the future and the role Elastisys will play in driving further innovation and compliance in healthcare.


Vitalis 2024 was a fantastic experience for all of us at Elastisys. Being part of the largest eHealth event in Scandinavia allowed us to dive deep into the latest trends and innovations in healthcare. The conference highlighted both the exciting potential and the risks of AI and ML, as well as the critical importance of the upcoming NIS2 directive and other regulations.

We were particularly inspired by the stories of our customers who are leading the way in health tech innovation. Their dedication to adopting cutting-edge solutions and their commitment to best practices are truly commendable. Seeing their success firsthand was a powerful reminder of why we do what we do.

Thanks to everyone who made Vitalis 2024 memorable. We can't wait to see you all again at Vitalis 2025!