Why Elastisys is trusted by its customers

Why Elastisys is trusted by customers

Security and compliance

At Elastisys, security of your data and regulatory compliance are of utmost importance. Our services offer encryption at rest and in transit, VPC peering (where available), and we let our dedicated team of experts manage and protect your services 24/7.

Stellar support, uptime, and SLA

Our support team is dedicated to customer service and success, and reacts to anomalies in our services 24/7. We also offer enterprise-grade SLAs with 99.5% to 99.95% service availability, depending on the underlying infrastructure provider.


Under the GDPR, sensitive data must not leave the EU. Our services can be offered in the EU jurisdiction using trusted and certified cloud provider partners. For customers not bound by the GDPR, our services are available on US-owned cloud platforms on a global scale.