Some of the world's most security-minded organizations have trusted Elastisys to help them accelerate software development using cloud native technology.

Our values

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Knowledge sharing

We want to help each other grow. We do that by creating knowledge sharing opportunities for both us, our customers and the community.
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Security Advocates

We believe in security by default. Rather then being a one-off, it is a mindset that affects everything we do and is a continuous process.

Code for the benefit of everyone

When asked for preference, we default to open source solutions. Rather than quick fixes or custom forks, we want to upstream solutions for the benefit of the community.

Caring for each other

We put strong emphasis on having a good work/life balance and looking out for each other. We invest a lot into wellness initiatives and spending time together.

Our History

Elastisys started in 2011 as a spin-off from a renowned research group in distributed systems and cloud computing in Umeå, Sweden. A decade later, the company has grown into a leading security expert within the cloud native ecosystem.

Years of consulting showed us that businesses in regulated industries face similar challenges. Having solved these repeatedly, we created a platform that offers an out-of-the-box solution. This helps customers meet those needs faster, and with more confidence. Thus, our Compliant Kubernetes distribution was born. We now offer it as a managed service and development happens fully in the open.

With a strong foundation still in the Nordics, Elastisys now operates across Europe and North America.









Our people

Our people are what matters the most and we are always looking for more excellent people to join the team.
We offer an inspiring, multi-cultural, collaborative and learning focused environment where you will have the opportunity to work with some of the best in the field of cloud and DevOps.

Robert Winter


Johan Tordsson


Erik Elmroth

Chief Scientist

Linda Nordin


Robert McCuaig

Business Development Manager

Emma Renman

Marketing Manager

Jim Fitzgerald

General Manager North America

Henrik Enberg

Operations Manager

Jakub Krzywda

Software Engineer

Peter Gardfjäll

Senior Software Engineer

Simon Ekman

Technical Sales Representative

Li Wu

Data Scientist

Mulugeta Ayalew Tamiru

Data Scientist

Simon Kollberg

Software Engineer

Viktor Forsberg

Software Engineer

Emil Vannebäck

Software Engineer

Fredrik Liv

Software Engineer

Lennart Jern

Software Engineer

Olle Larsson

Software Engineer

Ewnetu Bayuh Lakew

Senior Systems Engineer

Tobias Nebaeus

Software Engineer

Pavan Gunda

Software Engineer

Mike Rombout

Software Engineer

Ahmed Ali-Eldin

Senior Data Scientist

Axel Jarmar

Software Engineer

Cristian Sandu

Software Engineer

Robin Ramquist

Software Engineer

Daniel Harr

Software Engineer

Ravi Ranjan

Software Engineer

Robin Wallace

Software Engineer

Mikael Johansson

Software Engineer

André Arnqvist

Software Engineer

Petter Svärd

Engineering Manager DevOps Team

Cristian Klein

Senior Cloud Architect

Lars Larsson

Senior Cloud Architect

Lucian Vlad

Senior Database Engineer

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