automation Automation encompasses techniques, methods, or systems of operating or controlling a process by highly automatic means to reduce human intervention to a minimum. In short, making life easier for your operations staff using clever software, and freeing operations staff up to focus their skills on the tasks that matter rather than merely keeping them occupied with rote busywork. Automation is at the core of everything we do at elastisys, because there simply is no possibility of managing elastic systems in a smart way if all of it has to be done manually.

Our cloud pools makes keeping a cloud deployment of an application as easy as setting a requested size of active VMs. Should a VM fail health checks, our cruise control functionality can automatically mark it as inactive, causing the cloud pool to immediately provision a replacement. The operator configures cruise control to decide if a failed health check should cause the failing VM to be terminated, or kept running for root cause analysis.

Our predictive auto-scaling engine ensures that your cloud application has the right size, which greatly reduces headaches for your operations team, since the application does not fail in new and exciting ways due to being under too heavy load.

Elastisys cloud platform does automation right. With it, your operations team is freed up to deal with the tasks that matter, not busywork.

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