Go beyond status quo

We build the next generation cloud native tech where security and privacy is the default setting.

We value security and privacy

Let’s make it easy to do the right thing

Data security and privacy is at the heart of everything we do. We know it’s a tough subject for many application teams, and we have set our minds to do all we can to make it easier to develop services that respects people’s right to privacy from the start.

We value knowledge sharing

Building the cloud native community

Sharing is caring, and we believe that we all benefit from creating a community where insights and practices can be shared and discussed openly. If given a choice we always opt for open source and being transparent about our tech stack. Code should be made for the benefit of everyone. 

We value caring & inclusivity

People before technology

We believe in the power of people, more than technology. That’s why our company culture is extremely important to us. We are all different – and that’s a strength. It gives us opportunity to learn from each other and create better solutions. We trust our collegues and celebrate their progress, as they do ours.


Our team

Exceptional people with mixed backgrounds

We are friendly, knowledgable and like to work with the latest technology. We also know that there are more to life than work and strive for a healthy work-life balance so that our marathon runners, cyclists, tinkerers, devoted fathers and mothers, board and video game enthusiasts, coffee drinkers, black-belt wearers, dog walkers, pilots, musicians and quiet evening likers can bring their A game both at work and at home.
We offer an inspiring, multi-cultural, collaborative and learning focused environment where you will have the opportunity to work with some of the best in the field of cloud and DevOps.

Would you join us?


Johan Tordsson


Robert McCuaig


Erik Elmroth

Chief Scientist

Linda Nordin


Emma Renman

Marketing Manager

Jim Fitzgerald​

General Manager North America

Simon Ekman

Sales Manager

Henrik Enberg​

Operations Manager

Petter Svärd

Head of DevOps

Cristian Klein

Compliant Kubernetes Architect

Linnea Hinz

Sales Representative

Lars Larsson

Senior Cloud Architect


Nordic roots with global reach

Far from Silicon Valley, we have gathered a rapidly growing number of Kubernetes experts.
In the far north of Sweden, we have built a strong and cutting-edge team of DevOps, PhD’s, certified kubernetes administrators and kubernetes experts from all over the world. Since the very beginning we have been challenging the status quo, starting off as a spin-off from a renowned research group focusing on distributed systems and cloud computing.

Today we are utilizing our technical expertise and pioneering technology on our mission of democratizing the next generation of cloud native technologies with security and privacy built-in. We are the creators of Elastisys Compliant Kubernetes.

We want to make it easy to do the right thing, and are giving you access to our amazing team and the support you deserve, the tech stack you want on the cloud that you need. We’ll provide you with peace of mind by taking care of platform ops and security – to empower you and your developers to focus on building awesome value-adding applications and features for your customers.

Let’s take your business beyond the clouds!