Technical posts

Technical posts related to all the things we do in the cloud-native space: security, compliance, Kubernetes, DevOps, DevSecOps, and managed services such as Compliant Kubernetes, Managed PostgreSQL by Elastisys, and so much more.

What was observability again?

Let us dive deeper into observability: What it is, the different types and what it technically means to implement observability.

Zen and the Art of Application Dashboards

Application dashboards over user happiness! Leverage application dashboards with Prometheus and Grafana to understand what truly matters.

Busting vcluster myths: *what is* a virtual cluster?

Vcluster allows running a logical Kubernetes cluster within a physical Kubernetes cluster, without needing cluster-admin permissions to the physical cluster. We heard people quickly making…
Why and how should you reboot Kubernetes Nodes?

Why and how should you reboot Kubernetes Nodes?

As recently highlighted by the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY), data breaches are on the rise in particular in the healthcare sector. Part of…