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Taking EKS Distro for a Spin

TL;DR: EKS Distro = kops + Kubernetes fixes + aws-iam-authenticator AWS has recently launched EKS Distro, the Kubernetes distribution that powers its managed Kubernetes offer, called Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). This means that customers no longer have to choose between EKS (as a managed service) and some other Kubernetes setup. Instead, they can choose between EKS as a service managed by AWS or managed by themselves. The application hosted on top won’t observe any difference.

Private cloud Kubernetes credentials troubles

Deploying Kubernetes on a private cloud environment like VMware vSphere or OpenStack is great for developer innovation speed, security, and to ensure compliance. But be…
first impressions with new kubeadm

First impressions with the new kubeadm

Kubeadm just graduated to general availability (GA) with the new Kubernetes 1.13 release. Let’s find out what’s new and take it for a spin!