Elastisys cloud platform features

Elastisys cloud platform features

The elastisys cloud platform is composed of several services. They all contribute to make the platform full of great features, each the best within its respective field. Our software is based on research carried out at Umeå university, which is one of Europe’s most prominent research groups in distributed systems. Please contact us if there are features you would like to see implemented that are not already.

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Learn and investigate how your cloud application deployment is doing.

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Predictive auto-scaling

Determine the right deployment size proactively using our top of the line predictive auto-scaling algorithms.

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Health checks

Detect potential issues in your cloud application deployment and mark unhealthy instances for further handling, whether automatic or manual.

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Automate routine cloud deployment tasks to free valuable time for your operations team.

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Cruise control

Isolate and replace unhealthy cloud instances automatically, investigate root causes later.

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Cloud pools

Manage your entire cloud application deployment with ease.

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Multi-cloud deployments

Spread your cloud application deployment to multiple clouds for performance and fault-tolerance reasons.

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