Monitoring in elastisys cloud platform

Monitoring in elastisys cloud platform

monitoring Understanding your deployed cloud instances is key to ensure good service performance. Using the elastisys cloud platform and its easy to use monitoring agent, you quickly gain insight and can drill down on your deployed instances to investigate abnormal behavior. We have curated the very best open source technologies in the monitoring space and make them available as a service to give you all their benefits, without the hassle.

OpenTSDB is a time-series database developed by StumbleUpon. It stores its data in HBase, the highly available and clusterable storage backend developed for Hadoop. We maintain a fork of the tcollector agent, which does a great job at putting monitoring data into the monitoring database.

We also support Amazon CloudWatch natively, to allow for easy collection of monitoring data stored there. However, we advice our customers to use our monitoring setup instead, since CloudWatch only has either 5 minutes old data (free) or 1 minute old data (paid tier). Monitoring data should be fresh, in particular if one wishes to use it for predictive auto-scaling purposes.

Using the elastisys cloud platform’s monitoring features is simple: provide it with your Amazon credentials (a limited IAM role will do just fine), and expect to see your CloudWatch data show up in your elastisys monitoring stream shortly. Install our monitoring agent, and see even more detailed data about your application runtime environment show up. Have your application submit custom metrics either via a long list of already supported software, or directly via a simple interface to our monitoring backend. And view it all in a beautiful, clear, and powerful web-based user interface.

Elastisys cloud platform does monitoring right. With it, you do not have to worry about complicated setups, data retention strategies, etc. It just works.

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