Compliant Kubernetes available on the Exoscale Marketplace

Compliant Kubernetes available on the Exoscale Marketplace

Elastisys Compliant Kubernetes is now available on the Exoscale Marketplace.

Compliant Kubernetes is a security hardened, CNCF certified Kubernetes distribution that is now offered as a fully managed service on top of European cloud provider Exoscale. It comes prepackaged with everything needed to run even the most sensitive workloads in a compliant way, keeping workloads and data secure through their whole lifecycle. Compliant Kubernetes gives regulated organizations the opportunity to deliver software at cloud native velocy while at the same time keeping their workloads secure and compliant.

“Exoscale has a long history of providing European companies that have high security and compliance requirements a state of the art cloud platform. By partnering up we can now build on this to bring modern container capabilities to European companies.” says Robert Winter, CEO of Elastisys.

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To learn more and sign up, visit Elastisys Compliant Kubernetes on the Exoscale marketplace.