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Kubernetes Consulting

Training, DevOps, Information Security.

We are here to help. Since 2011, Elastisys has worked with technical frontrunners within regulated industries and helped them accelerate software development. Our customers come from a broad set of industries such as Defense, Banking, Healthcare, MedTech, EdTech, iGaming and Telecom. 

Ranging from training and architectural guidance to hands-on implementation, our consulting services are tailored to match your needs. We offer fixed packages, short term engagements or long term relationships.


The Elastisys team showed great technical and social skills and quickly understood the problem and the environment. They proactively engaged with other teams and developed a very high-quality solution. I perceived them as very professional and can recommend them unreservedly for any type of engineering project.

René Bruns

Engineering manager at Klarna

Elastisys work as strategic cloud-native advisors and DevSecOps team has enabled us to move faster and feel confident that we are building a cloud infrastructure that both will stand up to the highest security requirements and give us the flexibility and regulatory compliance we need as our business expands to new international markets, both in Europe and in the US.

Örjan Lindström

Chief Development Officer at FRISQ

DevSecOps as a Service

Scalable Access to Kubernetes
& DevOps Consultants

Your team is strengthened, operational risk is reduced, and more knowledge is brought in. With DevSecOps as Service, you get a flexible team set up instead of traditional resource consulting.

What does your use case look like? Schedule a time to talk to Mattias, our head of Professional Services using the calendar on the side, or send us an email using the button below!

Mattias Abrahamsson, Head of Professional Services at Elastisys
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Reviews, Accelarators & Trainings

Elastisys Cloud Information Security Review

Gain a better understanding of your current security practices and status by undergoing the Elastisys Cloud Information Security Review. Our standardized form, coupled with in-depth follow-up questions, result in an actionable report with our findings.


Elastisys Cloud Native Technical Compliance Reviews

Gain an in-depth understanding of what technical controls can be used to support you in your compliance work. Get a detailed report with our findings and which controls can be put in place to support your ongoing certification process. Available for PCI-DSS, ISO-27001, GDPR, PdL, and MDR.


PostgreSQL Security Configuration & Data Migration

Rely on Elastisys’ DBAs to perform the initial setup, security configuration, and migration of your current PostgreSQL database contents into your fully-managed PostgreSQL by Elastisys cluster. The fully-documented setup can be used by you as a template for future database deployments.

€1,500 / Logical Database 

Compliant Kubernetes for App developers

Learn how to fully take advantage of your Managed Compliant Kubernetes cluster, by developing applications with security in mind, and how to operate them. This one-day course includes containerization security considerations, how to run applications securely, and how to operate them with the monitoring and logging systems included in Compliant Kubernetes.


CI/CD Pipeline Setup & Configuration

Ensure predictable and repeatable deployments of your application using automated releases onto your Managed Compliant Kubernetes cluster, powered by modern CI/CD solutions. Elastisys configures both push-style (GitHub Actions, Gitlab, Jenkins) and pull-style (ArgoCD, includes setting up Argo in your Compliant Kubernetes cluster) CI/CD systems for you.

€1,500 + €300 / Additional Service

Traning Partner

Courses & Workshops Tailored for Teams

Elastisys is a certified Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP) and offer a wide range of courses both for individual developers and for team that want to accelerate their cloud native journey. Visit our training page for the full set of courses.