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How Elastisys managed Kubernetes platform enables Elsa Science to improve quality of life for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, empowering them to live every day to its fullest.



Tempus, an edtech company specializing in preschool software, faced GDPR compliance challenges. By adopting Elastisys Kubernetes Platform, Tempus ensured GDPR compliance, gaining customer trust, and allowing their internal developers to focus on core product development.


Through the partnership with Elastisys and Elastx, an infrastructure provider, Prorenata can ensure that all data stays within Sweden’s borders and that their service providers fall under Swedish/EU jurisdiction.


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Elastisys has helped Data4Life, a German HealthTech company, prepare for their initial audit in 2022. In this case study, we share actionable advice and insights on how we built a streamlined process for passing the BSI IT-Grundschutz Audit.


Elastisys helped Frisq, a Swedish e-Health provider, transform their development with one-click Kubernetes preview environments, reducing costs by 25% and ensuring software stability.

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Together with our customers we create a more secure and improved digital service landscape in Europe, providing our citizens with secure patient journal systems, space research projects, improved EU member state national security, and much, much more.

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