Development, demos, and more!

Development, demos, and more!

We have had a lot of exciting things happening here at elastisys since we last blogged, both in terms of business and software development.

Demos for potential partners

On the business side, we have demoed our cloud platform to various parties, including potential partners, and have gotten great feedback. There is a clear and obvious need for the management features that our cloud platform provides, and forward-thinking parties are really starting to notice! We are very interested in being part of future offerings to service providers that make cloud deployments easier, more robust, and more cost-efficient to manage. Our demo, which we will screencast and present publicly shortly, clearly demonstrates that one can achieve all this while, of course, ensuring great performance in your cloud application!

Web-based configuration UI in the works

Regarding software development, we have started to create a web-based UI for our various components. A combination of AngularJS, Bootstrap, and CORS support in the REST API endpoints of our various components makes development really fun and we are looking forward to showing off what the result looks like! We firmly believe that this will make it easier for our customers to get to know the system, without taking away the great power of JSON-based configuration your operations team enjoys with our REST interfaces. Keeping the configuration stored in a version control system like git is great for keeping everything under tight control and for regression handling, but a web based system is a great complementary alternative as it is much nicer for exploration.

Automatic fail-over for cloud pools

We are also re-implementing our functionality that lets a split cloud pool fail over from one child cloud pool to the other, if provisioning takes too long time. This is extremely useful for customers that use Spot Instances to keep costs down, but cannot wait indefinitely for the results to be processed. If provisioning a Spot Instance takes too long, just start an on-demand instance instead (possibly in a different cloud)! Additionally, this feature automatically adds support for failing over in case a cloud provider is experiencing difficulties in one region or availability zone — provisioning there would take too long time, and automatically be carried out in another configured cloud pool.

Updated web page

Our web page has undergone major development as well. Hope you enjoy the new look as much as we do!