Elastisys Announces its CNCF Silver Membership

Elastisys Announces its CNCF Silver Membership

Elastisys is proud to announce its CNCF silver membership. Our mission is to use intelligent automation to bring worry-free cloud operations to forward thinking companies. The solutions we build for our customers often relies on Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) components. We are excited to show our support and dedication by joining CNCF as silver members ourselves.

We have always found that CNCF components, such as Prometheus, Jaeger, and Kubernetes itself, are well tested and work great together. Because they do, they are excellent building blocks for future-proof cloud solutions. When we use them to design and build solutions for our customers, they love the peace of mind, great support, and flexibility they get. Whether we build a highly available Kubernetes cluster or help design completely custom solutions, we know we can rely on CNCF projects.

Our CNCF silver membership: your guide to the future

The cloud ecosystem is evolving at a rapid pace. Just ten years ago, companies were carefully taking their first steps with virtualization in the cloud. Now, many companies are diving head-first into a much more mature cloud ecosystem. Some even dare to go serverless and adopt the very latest technology. Most, however, are somewhere in between. With our long experience in the cloud, and now also our CNCF membership, we clearly show our customers that we can guide them, regardless of what level of cloud readiness they have. Our expert engineers help your team increase their agility and ability to deliver using the great CNCF projects.

Do you want to monitor your services in real time (Prometheus)? Understand how they interact, and locate bottle necks (OpenTracing and Jaeger)? Or maybe interact more efficiently synchronously (gRPC) or asynchronously (NATS)? Perhaps change network parameters to perform different deployment strategies (CoreDNS, Envoy, and Linkerd)? And your SQL data storage might need to scale up (Vitess)? Or would a highly scalable logging solution (Fluentd) stop keeping you up at night?

The key here is that cloud native software is vendor-neutral, interoperable, and solve key problems in distributed systems. We have worked with this approach since we started, as shown by for instance our open source projects at github.com/elastisys.

Contact us, so you can stop worrying and start using all your time and skills developing your product. Because what makes you and your business unique is hardly the amount of effort spent baby sitting your servers, is it?