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Elastisys contributes Kubespray support for UpCloud

Elastisys is committed to open source, and to supporting Kubernetes on a wide range of cloud infrastructure. As part of our work, we have recently submitted and successfully merged patches to the Kubespray project. Our extensions will be in the next release. Kubespray is the de-facto production-ready Kubernetes installer that is trusted throughout the cloud native community (10k stars on GitHub). Our recently contributed updates enable Kubespray to fully support the features of our partner cloud infrastructure provider UpCloud.

UpCloud, the Finnish global cloud provider

UpCloud is a cloud provider that is based in Finland, but has data centers in select locations around the world. Elastisys has partnered with UpCloud because they are great to work with, and through our partnership, we are able to offer Managed Compliant Kubernetes on their infrastructure to our customers. We know that GDPR-conscious companies are currently looking for great EU-based cloud providers, and UpCloud has a very attractive offering for these companies. And for Nordic companies in regulated businesses, such as in medical technology, the Finnish cloud provider is very well-positioned to handle data transfers and processing in a secure and compliant way.

Using the Kubespray support for UpCloud

Using the new UpCloud support in Kubespray is simple, and Kubespray support for UpCloud is now immediately available for customers to deploy their own Kubernetes cluster(s). You specify your cluster(s) resource requirements using a configuration file and the Infrastructure as Code tool Terraform will do the magic of deploying your cluster(s) based on your specifications.

Besides specifying your requirements, such as cluster size and capacity in the configuration file, the only thing you need to do is enable the UpCloud API in your management console, and use Kubespray as described in the README to get started today.

Step-by-step tutorial available at UpCloud

In collaboration with our partner UpCloud, the expert Elastisys DevSecOps engineer (Ewnetu Bayuh Lakew, PhD) that contributed UpCloud support to Kubespray has written a tutorial on how to set up Kubernetes on UpCloud. Head over to UpCloud’s tutorial pages to read it! But before you go, why not sign up to our newsletter (the form to your right) and be among the first to learn about interesting updates like this in the future!