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Elastisys Fully Managed Kubernetes Platform is Now Also Available on Azure

We at Elastisys are excited to announce that our fully managed Kubernetes platform solution is now available on Microsoft Azure. This strategic expansion marks a significant milestone in our mission to provide innovative cloud solutions tailored to the specific needs of modern businesses, especially those operating within regulated industries.

Empowering European Organizations

Our fully managed Kubernetes platform is designed to empower organizations across Europe, particularly those developing and operating software critical to our society, to securely accelerate innovation through open source, cloud native technology. Built to comply with strict security and legal frameworks such as ISO 27001, NIS2, NIST, and GDPR, our platform enables businesses to thrive in regulated market segments while streamlining operations and reducing costs.

"Our decision to extend our fully managed Kubernetes platform service to Azure is a testament to our commitment to empowering businesses with unparalleled flexibility and compliance. By combining the strengths of Azure with our managed service, expert support, and tailored solutions, we enable organizations to enhance business continuity and thrive in highly regulated environments with ease."
Johan Tordsson
CEO & Co-founder

Key Benefits of Our Managed Kubernetes Platform on Azure

  • Business Continuity: Outsourcing operations of the infrastructure and Kubernetes platform layer enhances business continuity by eliminating the need to develop custom solutions on Azure, which are maintained by in-house engineers who may find a new job tomorrow.
  • Enterprise Grade Security: Our platform is built based on best practices from the US Department of Defence, ISO standards, NIST standards, and more, for an optimized security hardened Kubernetes platform.  
  • Regulatory Compliance: Built-in compliance features for GDPR, NIS2, and much more, to ensure adherence to various security and legal frameworks, providing peace of mind to organizations in regulated industries.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrates with the rest of the Azure ecosystem. Run containerized workloads in our managed Kubernetes platform and seamlessly integrate them with other workloads running in your Azure account.
  • Global Footprint: Run our managed service on your Azure data center of choice. Benefit from Azure's global network of data centers, ensuring high availability and scalability for businesses operating across diverse geographical regions.
  • Expert Support: Round-the-clock incident response and support from Elastisys team of CKA certified engineers will enable your application teams to succeed.
  • Reduce Time to Production: Leverage our fully managed Kubernetes platform on Azure as a service, provided directly to your application teams, with no need for infrastructure or Kubernetes platform expertise in-house.
  • Cloud Agnostic Enabling Multi Cloud Support: Avoid being locked into Azure by using their proprietary services. Instead, leverage our cloud agnostic Kubernetes platform that will enable you to succeed with a multi cloud strategy, leveraging the same Kubernetes platform on multiple clouds or even on-prem if needed.

About Elastisys Kubernetes Platform

Our Kubernetes platform is built from the ground up based on various security and legal frameworks, such as ISO 27001, NIS2, NIST, and GDPR, and other industry specific regulations.

We have carefully selected over 25 cloud native projects, packaged them together in its own open source project to serve our community and the organizations running software critical to our society in a safe way. We continuously develop the platform with focus on developer experience and security, to safeguard Europe's digital future.

Our service is configured according to industry best practices for:

  • Container Management (Runtime, Orchestration, Container Registry)
  • Observability (Monitoring, Logging, Tracing, Alerting)
  • Platform Administration (Lifecycle Management, Maintenance, Capacity Management)
  • Platform Security (Vulnerability Management, Intrusion Detection, Operating System Security)
  • Compute (Capacity Management)
  • Data Storage (Backups, Disaster Recovery, Integrity)
  • Network (Certificate Management, Network Policies, Ingress Controller)
  • Autoscaling both CPU and GPUs

Azure marketplace listing coming soon!

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