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Elastisys partner with Acon

Elastisys partners up with Swedish cloud provider Acon to deliver Compliant Kubernetes and our Compliant Stack as managed services. Acon has a long history of delivering high quality cloud services from northern Sweden from their data center located deep in the Swedish mountains.

Acon today serves a large set of customers, including in the retail sector, of which many see containers as a core component in their future application stack.

Our customers see containers and Kubernetes as the prefered way to develop and operate their next generation applications. Therefore it’s natural for Acon to offer a container platform in partnership with Elastisys for customers that want to run their containerized applications in a secure environment under Swedish jurisdiction, says Erik Sharifi Norrman, Solutions Engineer at Acon.

Elastisys manages modern cloud-native platforms across a range of cloud providers across both Europe and the US.

We are happy to have Acon as partners and see great potential working together to deliver a secure and modern container platform on a cloud infrastructure with extremely low environmental footprint, says Robert Winter, CEO at Elastisys.

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Elastisys develops and manages open source platforms for modern, container based application development. Elastisys are Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) members and active contributors to the cloud native community.

Elastisys develops the CNCF certified Kubernetes distribution Compliant Kubernetes – a security and compliance focused Kubernetes distribution with a focus on regulatory compliance like GDPR, PCI DSS, HiPAA, SOC 2 and ISO 27001.

Elastisys also offers a complete Compliant Stack of managed services as building blocks for your cloud-native application stack. Elastisys managed services including Compliant Kubernetes clusters, databases such as PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, Prometheus and Grafana, and NATS. Our managed services are offered with enterprise grade SLAs and with a regulatory compliance focus on top of select cloud provider partners. With our multi-cloud services, European and US customers can safely keep data in EU-based clouds in compliance with the GDPR.


Acon delivers cost efficient IT-solutions for Nordic enterprises with high IT requirements. Acons data center is one of Europe’s safest, located far down in the northern mountains of Sweden with a unique perimeter protection. Acon’s ambition is to deliver functional, sustainable and innovative solutions in cloud, infrastructure and application management. Acon is certified according to ISO 27001.