Elastisys at Skåne Innovation Week 2018 #SIW2018

Elastisys at Skåne Innovation Week 2018 #SIW2018

Elastisys will be represented at Skåne Innovation Week 2018, #SIW2018, by our recently hired Communication Strategist Lars Larsson. As a former solutions architect here at Elastisys and former cloud architect at Axis Communications, Lars is happy to discuss all technical cloud matters.

Elastisys is a Swedish company. We offer cloud consulting services in the Nordic region, and develop custom software, too. Some of our software is open source, but most is written for our clients. We have partnered with Kubernetes, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), RedHat, and Canonical. We offer professional services (consulting) in cloud design and infrastructure, and are passionate about automation. Some of our advanced automation technology is also patented. It calculates required capacity ahead of time, so your service always has the capacity it needs.

Our mission is to help customers get worry-free cloud operations via intelligent autopiloting. We believe that DevOps practices of the future rely on automation, powered by machine learning to find the important pieces of information among large amounts of monitoring and logging data.

Contact us either online or at #SIW2018

Do you share our vision? Or would you just like to find out more? Find Lars during Skåne Innovation Week #SIW2018 in his Elastisys T-shirt or get in touch with us online.