health checks iconAll complex software fails at some point. It is to be expected that this is the case, but exactly when failures occur is unexpected. When they do, it is seldom at a convenient time, and the root cause is typically not known. The elastisys cloud platform offers key support to your operations team, by monitoring your services for metrics that fall outside defined thresholds, and for anomalies that occur without warning. Your operations team is alerted using one of our many alert systems, and can investigate the incident as soon as possible.

Using the elastisys cloud platform’s health check features is simple: enable service monitoring, configure thresholds for key performance metrics, and tell the cloud platform who should receive alerts. The cloud platform also performs anomaly detection to determine if any monitored metric appears to behave in an unexpected fashion, and alerts your operations team in that case. These automatic alerts can result in rules, or be configured to be ignored.

Broken thresholds or anomalies should typically cause some reaction to attempt to fix the problem: restarting a VM, provisioning additional ones, or something more complex. Since elastisys cloud platform is all about automation, we offer cruise control that immediately attempts to keep your Cloud pool (LINK) rightsized, even in the face of failed health checks.

Elastisys cloud platform does health checks right. With it, your operations team can dedicate their efforts to other tasks, and solve the interesting problems, rather than griding their teeth with the boring ones. It just works.

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