Healthcare SaaS: How to capture new markets faster with Kubernetes & cloud-native compliance

Who is this for?

CTOs and stakeholders within healthcare SaaS companies who are looking for a secure, scalable and compliant way to enter new geographies.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to gain the innovation speed, business flexibility and vendor freedom of cloud native tooling - All while keeping patient data secure and having best in class compliance with European and US healthcare regulations.

  • What laws and regulations do you have to comply with when expanding to different European countries?
  • How do you build an infrastructure platform that makes sure you can deliver to all local EU markets + the US?

  • What are best practice open source security tools and processes you should adopt?¬†

  • How do you evaluate cloud vendors when moving parts of your workloads to EU cloud providers due to GDPR?

  • What does running a production grade Kubernetes platform mean? What do you need besides Kubernetes?


Robert Winter

CEO @ Elastisys

Dimitri Fagué

Product Marketing Manager @ OVHcloud