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How Elastisys responds to the Redis license change


The company behind Redis, Redis Labs, has changed the license of an upcoming release of Redis to one that disallows offering it as a managed service. This message explains how Elastisys responds.

Is any customer data at risk, from a security or legal standpoint?

No. The managed service we offer is supported and from the fully open source version.

In detail: we currently run Redis in the 6.2.x series as our managed service. The troublesome license change is not in force until version 7.4. We will be legally able to upgrade Redis until the last stable version before the license change (i.e. the 7.2.x series).

This means that as long as Redis stays true to its release cycle, there will be between one and two years until support for the last fully open source version ends. This leaves plenty of time for the community to figure out a solution, and for us to pave a way forward.

How will Elastisys act now?

Although there is plenty of time, Elastisys is actively investigating how we can continue to provide you with a Redis-like service with as little impact for you as possible.

This is not the first time something like this has happened in the open source community. Old customers know that we, without any action required by them, had to migrate from ElasticSearch to OpenSearch for the same reason. We take your confidence in us very seriously, and we do everything in our power to earn it, every day.

There are multiple alternatives being developed that offer Redis-like functionality, which we are exploring.

Is any action required by customers?

Not at this time. Your data is safe, and the service is offered under the fully open source and permissive license with security-patched software until we have figured out an open source solution with a clear path forward.

We will reach out to you again with more information as soon as we have more to report to you about this matter.

Should you have any questions or need assistance in this process, our team is ready to support you!

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