Interview with Mikael Dahlgren, Elastisys’ new CEO
Mikael Dahlgren announced as new CEO of Elastisys AB.

Interview with Mikael Dahlgren, Elastisys’ new CEO

Some time ago, we announced that we were looking for a driven entrepreneur who can help accelerate our business. That entrepreneur has been found and we are happy to welcome Mikael Dahlgren aboard as our new CEO. He has been working with us since the beginning of September, and has already met a few potential customers of ours together with our CTO, Johan Tordsson. As he is gearing up for driving this company into a better and brighter future, we would also let our blog readers learn a bit about him.

Mikael, please tell us some of the things you have worked on before joining elastisys!

Before joining Elastisys I have held several different positions, mainly within software and consulting firms in the finance industry. The last 13 years I have been employed by US software companies, working in different client facing roles, such as Pre Sales, Account Management, Project Management and consulting, but I have also been responsible for services offerings and deliverables for hosted solutions. Most recently I have been working for Advent Software Inc. and my entire LinkedIn profile is available here.

What made you join elastisys?

It was a combination of factors, the connection to the university and my hometown UmeƄ, as well as the greatly talented and driven people already working for Elastisys. Last, but not the least Cloud Solutions are the future and I truly like what Elastisys have in terms of products and people.

What is your plan for elastisys at this moment, looking forward?

The first steps have already been taken, by testing the concept with potential customers, which has been a great experience. Everyone we have talked to see the benefits of using it, the only downside is that Elastisys is ahead of the curve for a few prospects, providing a stat of the art technology for true cloud solutions.
The next steps will be to make Elastisys better known in the market, close the partnerships we are working on and drive further sales.

Erik Elmroth, as chairman of the board, what can you say about Mikael joining the team?

First of all, I must say that I am confident that Mikael is the perfect match to our needs. Elastisys is a company growing out of frontline research, but as our product has matured, our near future challenges are in sales and growth. I am very pleased to have Mikael on board to lead that work.

Thank you to both Erik and Mikael for your time in answering these questions! We look forward to seeing where our new CEO can take us, and hope you, our dear readers, stay tuned as we continue to post regular updates here on our blog.