Webinars/Learn how to succeed with containers and Kubernetes

Learn how to succeed with containers and Kubernetes

Our CTO Johan Tordsson was invited to a Webinar about containers and Kubernetes held by Safespring.  The Webinar is held in Swedish.

Containers and Kubernetes are technologies that are part of the broader approach to software development and operation known as cloud native. This has become extremely popular in recent years and allows for faster development cycles, higher accessibility and gives independence to individual cloud providers’ platforms.

Kubernetes is the fastest growing open source project in the world. It is also the one with the most developers after Linux. The popularity of container developers is growing explosively. The majority of all applications will be distributed and consumed in the next few years in the form of containers.

Read more about the webinar at https://www.safespring.com/event/2020-06-09/  (Swedish) 

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