Legal Documents

These documents are the most recent and up to date versions of legal resources.

Policies & Plans

When you interact with Elastisys’ systems in different ways, and for different purposes, we process data about you and your interaction with us. These privacy policies list the various ways in which we do so, why we do it, and your rights about how you can object to this data processing.

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for and, business contacts, authorized users, and recruitment.​

Privacy Plan

Not a GDPR privacy policy per se, but our internal guidelines for how we work with data processing in a privacy-respecting way.​

Information Security Policy​

Our plan to work with information security in a structured and risk-oriented way.​​

Terms of Service

Our managed services and our data processing included in those services are governed by the following contracts.

Terms of Service (ToS)​

Our managed services are governed by the Terms of Service available via this link.​

Data Processing Agreement (DPA)​

The DPA is an appendix included in our ToS that specifies our responsibilities as a sub-processor.