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We’re dedicated to ensuring your cloud native investment goes the extra mile. Ensure a positive return of investment, while strengthening your security.

Take Your Innovation to New Heights, Cut Costs, and Strengthen Your Security – We'll Show You How

We’re dedicated to helping you achieve significant cost savings while maximizing operational efficiency in the cloud environment. Our tailored solutions are designed to optimize flexibility, streamline resource management, and ensure sustainable cost optimization. 

Leveraging a vendor with a more flexible contract will allow you to easily adapt your cloud resources and services to match real time demand, and that will enable you to cut costs. You can achieve this by:  

  • Using a vendor with on-demand pricing: Moving away vendors who charge upfront for long-term contracts (CAPEX – capital expense) to vendors like Elastisys, which offer an on-demand pricing structure that allows you to shift from CAPEX costs to on-demand OPEX costs (operational expense).


  • Using a solution with autoscaling*: This automatically reduces your cloud resources during low-demand hours while still ensuring sufficient resources to cover peak loads when needed, will ensure that you don’t pay more than you should. 

By improving your resource management you will increase the chances to use the right resources in the right way, and maximizing the efficiency. Using Elastisys Managed Services gives you:

  • Reduced “people” risk: By minimizing dependency on in-house engineers, our managed service team consists of a team of platform administrators that will ensure that the platform is secure and up-to-date, saving you time and money that would otherwise be spent finding replacements with the same expertise.

  • More time: More time for your engineers to focus on application development rather than platform administration. This will enable you to continuously innovate, gaining you a competitive advantage on the market resulting in a positive financial result.

  • Opportunity to focus on value generating tasks: Knowing that you have a trusted vendor providing a well-maintained  and secure platform service gives you time to focus on tasks generating value for your organization.

  • Security at scale: Our platform administrators will secure your environment according to industry best practices for critical workloads. Security experts are hard to find and expensive to hire. We become your security operations center (SOC) for a fraction of the cost compared to building a SOC with internal resources.

  • Optimized  application’s resource usage and reduce costs: By accessing the necessary monitoring data and understanding how your application consumes cloud resources.

In short, using Elastisys Managed Services enables you to:

  • Move from CAPEX to OPEX when purchasing cloud services.
  • Consume cloud resources when they are needed leveraging autoscaling*.
  • Leverage the collected competencies of a team of experts securing and operating your platform 24/7.
  • Having above at the fraction of the cost compared to hiring, training and maintaining it in-house.
  • Gain a competitive advantage focusing on value added activities, such as application development, not platform operations.
  • Get a security hardened Kubernetes platform suited for critical workloads from day one.
  • Visibility into how your application consumes cloud resources.
  • Benefit from having a caring vendor supporting you all the way.

*Autoscaling functionality in Elastisys managed services is a preview feature and only available on certain supported clouds. Autoscaling functionality in our managed services is a result of a Vinnova founded research project. Read more about the research project here

Take Your Innovation to New Heights, Cut Costs, and Strengthen Your Security – We'll Show You How.

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Managed Services

Focus on your application by outsourcing operations of the Kubernetes platform and underlying cloud infrastructure to Elastisys Security Operations Center.


Less Ops more Fika with support from Elastisys when self managing Compliant Kubernetes in your cloud of choice, on-premise, or air-gapped environments.


Succeed with your secure cloud native journey by leveraging Elastisys consultants for increased bandwidth or CTO, CIO, CISO guidance.


Improve security within your team by completing official Linux Foundation Kubernetes training or specific Compliant Kubernetes courses.