Monitoring in elastisys cloud automation platform

Monitoring is a key component of elastisys’ cloud automation platform. Not only does monitoring give you insight into the overall health and performance of your applications, timely and accurate monitoring data is an absolute necessity for efficient autoscaling. In Elastisys cloud automation platform, monitoring metrics can be supplied from many different sources. We support a wide range of monitoring technologies and are constantly adding more.

monitoring The monitoring software that we have used to date include:

  • InfluxDB: InfluxData’s popular (open-source) time-series database and its metric reporting agent: Telegraf.
  • Prometheus: a rising star in the time-series database domain, built on principles from Google’s Borgmon. Its main mode of operating is to periodically scrape metrics from http endpoints in a pull-manner, although a push based mode of operating (via a push gateway) is also supported.
  • OpenTSDB: a time-series database developed by StumbleUpon. It stores its data in Cassandra or HBase (the highly available and clusterable storage backend developed for Hadoop). tcollector is a metric collection agent that can be used to push metrics to OpenTSDB.
  • Amazon CloudWatch: our autoscaler provides native support for Amazon CloudWatch as a metric source. This offers a simple way of retrieving hardware metrics (such as CPU usage) for your cloud servers. However, we typically advice our customers to use a custom monitoring setup instead (for example, using one of the above mentioned technologies), since CloudWatch only has either 5 minutes old data (free) or 1 minute old data (paid tier). Monitoring data should be fresh and granular, in particular if one wishes to use it for predictive auto-scaling purposes.
  • OpenStack Ceilometer: similar to Amazon CloudWatch, OpenStack provides Ceilometer to store and gather resource usage from cloud servers.

To visualize time-series data, we have mostly used Grafana to date. It has been a perfect fit for us, with its extensive support for different metric sources, its powerful query languange, and its beautiful graphing capabilities.

The Elastisys cloud automation platform is highly flexible and can be customized to suit your needs.
Feel free to contact us if you would like to see a particular monitoring system supported.