multicloud Maintaining a fleet of cloud instances can be a daunting task, in particular one that spans multiple clouds or availability zones. The elastisys cloud platform and its easy to use multi-cloud scaling pools makes management of diverse pools of instances manageable again. We make it easy to oversee deployments, large and small, and increase or decrease the number of cloud instances running in every cloud. This makes it easier to let cloud instances be close to your customers, which improves performance and user experience.

Using the elastisys cloud platform’s multi-cloud scaling pools are simple: define policies about how many percent of your deployment should be in each cloud or availability zone, provide us with the required credentials to do so, and the elastisys cloud platform makes sure that your deployment is distributed correctly.

Elastisys cloud platform does multi-cloud scaling pools right. With it, management of cloud instances across multiple cloud vendors is as easy as dealing with a single vendor. It just works.

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