Building and testing base images for Kubernetes cluster nodes with Packer, qemu and Chef InSpec

This post will detail an approach for building a base image on top of Ubuntu to be used as a start image for provisioning Kubernetes nodes (masters or workers) running as virtual machines. We will be using packer to automate the build process and to ensure basic compliance testing with InSpec tests. The target audience are people who are/will be running non-managed Kubernetes clusters or people that are looking into how to leverage Packer as a tool for automated, reproducible and tested virtual machine images.
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Elastisys welcome our biggest group of thesis workers so far

We’re glad to announce that we now have seven thesis workers joining us from Umeå University! Like previous years, most of the students come from programs in computational science and engineering, solving various of problems in the field. On top of that, we’ve got the pleasure to be accompanied by two students of science in business and economics.

As a spin-off from Europe’s strongest research group in cloud management, we’re in the forefront of our field. We believe in keeping the connection with the university world to stay relevant, and to find new talent to help us with cutting-edge research related projects. We’re thankful that so many students chose us as their collaborating partner and look forward to see what new insights will be revealed this time.

Say hello to our new employees

We are growing fast – by more than 50% over the past six months. Here we have gathered all our newest members for a group photo in our new office at Kuratorvägen 2A in Umeå. You are welcome to swing by and have a cup of coffee with us, and we´ll show you around!