Elastisys hires Ross Valizadeh as new Head of Business Development

New Head of Business Development Ross Valizadeh

We are glad to announce we are bringing on Ross Valizadeh as Head of Business Development. Ross has extensive background in IT and enterprise sales, most recently from Atomia, one of the largest cloud billing and automation engines for telcos and hosting providers, where he headed up their sales and account management team as well as being responsible for partnerships . Ross lives in Lund and has previously studied business and economics in Umeå.

“Ross brings a business focused mindset and experience from implementing sales processes that will help us take Elastisys to the next level. He complements the existing team very well and we are all very excited to have him onboard.”, says CEO Robert Winter.

“I’m a tech nerd at heart and love learning. The team’s technical expertise made me interested in Elastisys and now I want to help enable our vision of intelligent and automated infrastructure based on my experience of bringing technology to market” says Ross.

Elastisys and Partners are Putting Europe at the Forefront of the Fog Computing Revolution

Elastisys and Partners are Putting Europe at the Forefront of the Fog Computing Revolution

Fog computing is emerging as a new paradigm for powering novel applications and services through the provisioning of a distributed computing infrastructure able to process data closer to users. Fog computing is a natural next step after cloud computing, as it provides substantial advantages in terms of scalability, interactivity and better usage of network resources. Major leaders in the ICT sector (like Cisco, Huawei, IBM etc.) are heavily investing into this innovation line, which is expected to have a major impact on several application domains, in much the same way the cloud is impacting them now.

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