Elastisys joins Docker partner program

At Elastisys, we love cloud automation and all the tools that allow us to achieve it. We have been keen users of Docker since its public release. Elastisys uses Docker extensively to speed up our product development. We also use Docker to deliver our product to customers and to help them improve their own development processes with Docker. Today, Elastisys is happy to announce that we joined the Docker partner to aid further uptake of Docker, which simply is an awesome technology.



Why monitor and automate your applications in the cloud?

There is no doubt today that Cloud Computing has the potential to bring great benefits to those that adopt it. But, why is it important to monitor and automate things within this area? Well, there are plenty of reasons for you to implement good monitoring and automation tools – most obviously, you can then ensure up-time and availability, reassuring you that your systems are performing well.

With proactive monitoring, you can anticipate any problems before they occur, so instead of waiting to take action until your systems crash, you can identify issues and take proactive preventive actions before these grow into bigger problems or even outages. Scaling your resources based on the workload of your services is one such smart approach to prevent incidents. Automated scaling gives your end-users an improved experience and subsequently increases good customer reputation. Now, imagine if you could automate this process and have your different systems communicating with one another!

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