Operational Instances In Spite of Errors

Two operational instances and one non-operational

We have blogged about the various ways the Elastisys Cloud Platform keeps your cloud deployment rightsized, and why it is important. But the key to ensuring a good user experience is not just to have the right number of cloud instances, but that they are all fully operational. In this blog post, we look more into what that means and how the Elastisys Cloud Platform can help using its Health Checks, Cruise Control, and Cloud Pools features.

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Over-capacity is not a Safety Net

Cloud capactiy safety net

Auto-scaling? No, we always run a few extra servers as spare capacity, just in case and we use auto-scaling, and have some capacity to spare, in case of emergencies are two sentiments we find online from time to time. In this post, we will look at why over-capacity alone is not a safety net or guarantee against under-provisioning emergencies.

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