Cloud pool API v3 released

We are happy to announce that we have released updated cloud pool APIs and implementations, making cloud pools more easy to work with and adding support for features related to application health checking that should benefit all our users. Head over to scale.cloudpool github repository and download the current cloud pool implementations for OpenStack, Amazon Web Services (EC2, Spot Instances, and Auto Scaling Groups) and enjoy the updates!

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Citycloud Openstack API and openstack4j

Our friends over at Sweden’s largest cloud infrastructure provider, Citycloud, recently launched their OpenStack-based cloud to the public. We are as thrilled as they are to see new solutions based on their new infrastructure, and as entrenched in the Java ecosystem as we are on our software side, we are also happy that openstack4j, the fluent Java SDK for OpenStack services, will support Keystone v3 authentication in the upcoming version 2.0.2. The main developer, Jeremy Unruh (gondor at github), quickly implemented the crucial changes required for this support after we brought them to his attention. Thank you for your excellent work, Jeremy, and good luck with OpenStack, Citycloud!

Elastisys to compete in the 33-list pitching contest

Today, Elastisys will compete against other tech startups in the 33-list pitching contest. The, so called, “33-list” is a list of the 33 hottest tech startups in Sweden and is nominated each year by Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden.

In today’s regional final, Elastisys will compete against other startups in northern Sweden. A win would secure a place on the 33-list.

The final 33-list will be announced on April 14th.

Noteable companies that have appeared on the 33-list include Spotify and Mojang.