Elastisys welcomes our summer interns 2018

Jakob and Fredrik

This year we’re glad to be joined by two final year Computer Science students from Umeå University, Jakob Lindqvist and Fredrik Liv. Jakob makes a comeback from last year when he helped us work on our VMware integration while Fredrik spent his last couple of summers working with Swedish network security vendor Clavister.

This summer Fredrik and Jakob will get a chance to get to know Kubernetes and it’s surrounding cloud-native projects like Prometheus, Fluentd, Envoy and Istio while also working with machine learning frameworks such as Tensorflow and Prophet. They will help extend our Kubernetes-native observability solution kube-insight and run some machine learning experiments on top of a Kubernetes cluster they will set up themselves, digesting metrics like the 4 golden signals (latency, traffic, error rate and saturation) to forecast resource exhaustion, detect anomalies and give actionable intelligence about cluster health.

This will help Kubernetes operators run and roll-out services with confidence, catch performance drifts and subtle issues between deploys and allow for faster Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) when something actually goes wrong.

Welcome Jakob and Fredrik!

You can find the kube-insight manifests on GitHub here.

Elastisys Announces its CNCF Silver Membership

Elastisys announces its CNCF membership

Elastisys is proud to announce its CNCF silver membership. Our mission is to use intelligent automation to bring worry-free cloud operations to forward thinking companies. The solutions we build for our customers often relies on Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) components. We are excited to show our support and dedication by joining CNCF as silver members ourselves.

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