Elastisys welcomes Lennart Jern

Lennart Jern

Elastisys is happy to welcome our newest employee Lennart Jern! Lennart started out last summer as a summer entrepreneur, helping out on our VMware integration, and now we’re happy to have been able to sign him full time to Elastisys.

Lennart has a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from Åbo Akademi and brings both mathematical acumen and a deep interest for everything distributed, Linux and open source.

Lennart will develop our Kubernetes based applications and help implement predictive analytics and machine learning methods for our proactive IT operations monitoring and automation portfolio.

Elastisys is looking for devops engineers and data scientists

Elastisys at 33-listan prize ceremony

We are currently looking for more software engineers both with devops backgrounds and with data science and analytics experience.

We build products and perform R&D related projects together with some of the most exciting companies in the world. As a spin-off from Europe’s strongest research group in cloud management, we offer an opportunity to work closely together with some of the sharpest minds out there and be part of applying leading research methods and algorithms in real world use cases.

We work in a highly multicultural environment, where we focus on creating a culture of openness and constant learning. Come join us if you share our passion for working on the cutting edge of technology and research and want to help enable our vision that data-driven and intelligent automation is the future for IT operations.

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On setting up highly available Kubernetes clusters

Recently, we’ve been working with clients on setting up highly available (HA) Kubernetes clusters. More specifically, we’ve been working on constructing automated installers for HA Kubernetes clusters, basically providing an automated “single-click” path to provisioning a new cluster, in a cloud or on-premise.

This article intends to share some of our experiences with Kubernetes installations and to reflect upon some of the considerations that one is faced with when planning a cluster setup.

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