No matter what industry you are in, you can benefit from running our intelligent and predictive cloud management software. Based on customer requests we have already packaged and customized our technology for ecommerce and WordPress users, as well as for data centers, telcos and enterprises running Canonical’s cloud modelling tool Juju. We are constantly in discussions with clients in different industries so feel free to reach out if you are curious how a solution would look like for your company.

Elastisys Cloud Automation Platform

The elastisys cloud platform is composed of several services. They all contribute to make the platform full of great features, each the best within its respective field. Our software is based on research carried out at Umeå university, which is one of Europe’s most prominent research groups in distributed systems. Please contact us if there are additional features you would like us to add.


Automation encompasses techniques, methods, or systems of operating or controlling a process by highly automatic means to reduce human intervention to a minimum. Freeing operations staff up to focus their skills on the tasks that matter rather than merely keeping them occupied with rote busywork. There is simply no possibility of managing elastic systems in a smart way if all of it has to be done manually.


Not only does monitoring give you insight into the overall health and performance of your applications, timely and accurate monitoring data is an absolute necessity for efficient autoscaling. In Elastisys cloud automation platform, monitoring metrics can be supplied from many different sources. We support a wide range of monitoring technologies and are constantly adding more.

Health checks

All complex software fails at some point. It is to be expected that this is the case, but exactly when failures occur is unexpected. When they do, it is seldom at a convenient time, and the root cause is typically not known. The elastisys cloud platform offers key support to your operations team, by monitoring your services for metrics that fall outside defined thresholds, and for anomalies that occur without warning.

Cloud Pools

Cloud instances that cooperate to fulfill a single role in a service should be treated as a group: end-user facing front-ends, database back-ends, etc. In- or decreasing the size of the group should be a simple task, no matter which cloud infrastructure(s) the group is deployed on. With our platform’s cloud pools, modifying the size of deployments is as easy as setting a desired size.

Cruise Control

The determining factor for cloud service performance is not the number of deployed cloud instances, it is the number of cloud instances that are fully operational (active and doing what they are supposed to) at any given time. Using the elastisys cloud platform, it is easy to keep the number of operational cloud instances at a given level, and thereby ensuring good performance.

Predictive Autoscaling

Increased number of users ideally means an increase in benefit for an online service. However, if the service cannot scale sufficiently well or fast enough, all users suffer from the growing pains the service is experiencing. What should have been an opportunity for greater exposure and a larger user base, can instead turn into loss of sales, customer unwillingness to return, and a bad reputation.

Multi-cloud Management

Maintaining a fleet of cloud instances can be a daunting task, in particular one that spans multiple clouds or availability zones. The platform and its easy to use multi-cloud scaling pools makes management of diverse pools of instances manageable again. We make it easy to oversee deployments and increase or decrease the number of cloud instances running in every cloud.

Scalable WordPress

Scalable WordPress is a highly scalable and performance-tuned platform for running a WordPress site. It combines industry best practices with best-of-breed technologies and Elastisys’ industry-leading autoscaling to empower you with a flexible and performant platform to host your WordPress site.

Scalable WordPress adjusts to your site’s traffic. It increases the number of servers to handle load peaks and reduces the server pool at low-traffic hours, allowing you to always run with just the right amount of capacity. This allows you to cope with surges in traffic without being charged undue amounts for an overdimensioned hardware setup and, most importantly, your visitors get to enjoy a smooth browsing experience at all times.

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Charmscaler for Juju

Elastisys has been selected as one of a few partners worldwide to be part of the initial Juju beta release. Elastisys’ autoscaling engine is now available both as a generic autoscaler that can scale all available charms on the Charm Store and as a packaged Kubernetes bundle specifically tailored to scale Kubernetes clusters right out of the box.

These offerings make it possible for enterprises worldwide to benefit from the Elastisys state-of-the-art autoscaler to improve the robustness, performance, and cost-efficiency of their services and provide a better user experience.

Elastisys’ CharmScaler rightsizes application deployments using state-of-the-art autoscaling algorithms to ensure that the application runs cost-efficiently and is responsive at all times, even in the face of sudden load spikes. This provides increased availability, saves money and most importantly provides users with a better experience.

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