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Reflecting on 2023: A Year in Review with Elastisys


As the curtains close on the year 2023, we reflect on a year marked by great achievements, technological advancements, and, above all, a deep commitment to the people working with and at Elastisys. Let's delve into the highlights that made 2023 an extraordinary chapter in the company's journey, together with our CEO, Johan Tordsson.

“It's been an incredible year for Elastisys, and I'm so happy and proud of our many achievements."

Johan Tordsson, CEO Elastisys

Growing the Team

Elastisys kicked off the year with a focus on the most valuable asset - the team. The team did not only increase in numbers, adding 10 new employees to a total of 46 team members during 2023, but more importantly, we expanded in skills, fostering a culture where every member contributes to the collective success. We love technology, but we also believe in people over technology. That is why the people behind the technology are, and will always be, the most important factor for us. 

"Our great team is the most valuable and important part of Elastisys."

Johan Tordsson, CEO

The Funding - An Important Milestone

Elastisys reached a crucial turning point with a notable funding raising achievement, securing 30 million SEK just before the summer. This injection of capital will help us accelerate the journey towards our vision: to enable organizations across Europe to accelerate innovation through open source cloud-native technology while ensuring security and regulatory compliance. 

We are truly grateful for the trust and belief shown by our investors. This support, combined with positive feedback from customers, fortified the confidence that what we are doing together is truly great. 

Read more about the fundraising:

Press Release: Elastisys Raises a 30 Million SEK Investment

Launching New Offerings - Responding to Customer Demands

Throughout the year, we crafted innovative offerings and adaptable solutions to meet customer demands and improve the development of secure solutions for the European market. Noteworthy additions include the introduction of Self-Managed Compliant Kubernetes and the launch of our tailored training modules.

Self-Managed Complaint Kubernetes
In a landscape that is constantly evolving, Elastisys proudly announced the launch of our latest offering, the Self-Managed solution, enabling secure and flexible cloud-native adoption.

This new offering not only strengthens our capabilities but also ensures we meet the increasing demands of our valued customers. The new Self-Managed offering reflects Elastisys' commitment to providing customers with customized solutions. It includes all the benefits of our Compliant Kubernetes platform, available on any cloud or on-premises, allowing customization for each customer's needs. 

“We are happy to launch this offer that enables organizations to adopt cloud native without compromising security - in their cloud of choice, including their own data centers."

Johan Tordsson, CEO

In short, the new Self-Managed offering enables customization and flexibility with expert support. Its purpose is to function as a strategic facilitator for organizations in need of a secure, tailored, and adaptable Kubernetes platform.

Elastisys Compliant Kubernetes Platform Training

During 2023, we also launched our very own Kubernetes platform training - a customized training for our Kubernetes platform, Elastisys Compliant Kubernetes. The training includes six different modules, giving our customers the whole lifecycle of your application, leveraging tools provided by the Compliant Kubernetes platform. 

This is a great step in providing our customers with insights and knowledge to really optimize their time and usage of the Elastisys Compliant Kubernetes Platform.

Want to learn more about our training?

Visit to learn more about our Elastisys Compliant Kubernetes Platform training and our other trainings. 

Product Updates and Research 

In our continuous pursuit of creating innovation, we've made significant strides in enhancing our platform and operations to better serve our customers and contribute to their security and innovation. Let's delve into some key features for 2023. 

Auto-Scaling GPU - A Vinnova Project

To stay at the forefront of technological innovation, Elastisys, together with our partner Elastx, contributed to a project researching possibilities with auto-scaling GPU capabilities, which was supported by Vinnova. Idle cloud resources waste energy, money, and other resources. The goal of this project was to find a way to reduce this waste. It is done in two ways that work together. First, we dynamically scale resource allocation to resource needs. Second, we shift usage from electricity load peak hour times. This makes better use of electricity during off-peak hours. During the autumn of 2023, this project was successfully finalized.

Advancements in Argo CD and Jaeger

We are excited to announce the significant advancements in our additional managed services for the Compliant Kubernetes platform, Argo CD and Jaeger. These tools have evolved into powerful preview services, providing our clients with enhanced capabilities for seamless deployment and comprehensive tracing. 

Self-Managed Software Development

As a step of developing the new Self-Managed offering, we have been setting the focus on creating more self-managed opportunities for our customers. Our customers can now manage popular software like Kafka and MongoDB via their official Community Operator, SealedSecrets and Flux. This creates a higher level of flexibility for customers with critical infrastructures to manage their environments themselves while gaining the benefits of our Kubernetes platform, Compliant Kubernetes, to keep their applications secure.

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Looking Ahead - What’s to Come in 2024

With eyes set on the future, we are excited about the upcoming year. We are committed to fostering an environment where the team flourishes and each member contributes to the collective journey towards our vision and mission. 

“Looking ahead to 2024, our focus is on team growth, market expansion, and maintaining an open dialogue with partners and customers – building a foundation for mutual success.”

Johan Tordsson, CEO