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RegTechDay 2021: Reduce your compliance burden with cloud computing

Reduce your compliance burden with cloud computing

Companies in Fintech need both fast-paced innovation and strict adherence to regulations, such as PCI DSS, GDPR, or national banking laws. With the Fintech space booming as new players enter the market, agility is key. Both for established enterprise players that want to keep their competitive edge and for the startups with a great idea. Cloud technology has already proven its ability to accelerate innovation but data breaches and compliance violations are still big concerns – and failure to comply might result in low public trust, fines, or other legal sanctions. 

In this session, Elastisys senior cloud architect Cristian Klein will go over the resources available to navigate through these tricky waters, and the processes needed to meet current requirements. The Cloud Native ecosystem offers strong tools and we provide technical guidance in meeting your compliance needs.


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