Responsibility Model

Responsibility Model

Information about the customers, Elastisys, and infrastructure providers’ responsibilities.

Responsibility Model for Elastisys Managed Services

Elastisys helps European organizations accelerate innovation using advanced cloud native technology. What makes us stand out is our fully managed Kubernetes platform with 24/7 incident response. Our comprehensive range of services takes on a lot of responsibility for platform operations and security. In this way, it goes far beyond traditional “managed Kubernetes services” in the market. As our customer, you can focus on building a great application for your end-users. The rest is handled by us, as your trusted partner.

Customer responsibility

Application (Code, Delivery, Operations, Security)

Application End-User Identity & Access Management

Application Data​ (Integrity Authentication, Client-Side Data Encryption)

Networking Traffic Protection (Encryption, Integrity, Identity, Isolation)

Elastisys responsibility

Support (Technical Account Manager, Dedicated Slack Channel, Phone, Service Desk)

Platform Services (Relational Database, Message Queue, Distributed Cache, Continuous Delivery)

Observability Stack (Monitoring, Logging, Tracing, Alerting)

Platform Administration (24/7 Security Operations Center, Lifecycle Management, Maintenance)

Platform Security (Vulnerability Management, Intrusion Detection, Patching, Hardening)

Operating System, Network & Firewall Configuration

Compute (Capacity Management)

Data Storage (Backups, Disaster Recovery, Integrity)

Infrastructure provider responsibility

Networking (Load Balancing, Firewall, DDoS Protection)

Storage Services (Object, Block, Encryption at Rest)

Infrastructure as a Service (Regions, Availability Zones)

Data Center Operations (Physical Security, Electricity, Internet Connection)

To see the full RACI model for our managed services, see our Terms of Service Appendix 2.

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