scale.cloudadapters version 1.0.1 released

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of scale.cloudadapters version 1.0.1 on our GitHub page. It addresses two bugs, namely:

  1. To compare JodaTime DateTime objects for equality, we previously simply ran equals on them. This checks not only that two objects describe the same time (i.e. milliseconds since the epoch), but also that they have the same time zone descriptor (Chronology). For our purposes, and one might be tempted to think that this is often the general case, we only really wanted the first check, not the second.
  2. Amazon imposes a limit on how many filter values one may specify in the call to DescribeInstances, but does not specify how many. In practice, this has turned out to be 200, which we discovered when we (erroneously) tried to query for our instances and supplied the instance identifiers of interest as filter values. This is fine for deployments smaller than 200, but of course, runs into the FilterLimitExceeded error for larger deployments. While at it, support for deployments larger than 1000 was added, by handling Amazon’s implicit pagination/result set chunking with tokens returned from the DescribeInstances operation.

The code for scale.cloudadapters, our open source Java-based cloud adapters, can either be cloned or forked directly on our GitHub page, or be made part of your own projects using your favorite Java dependency management tool, such as Maven, Ivy, or Gradle, by importing it from Maven Central.