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SEB and Norrlandsfonden support Elastisys expansion plans

Elastisys is the world leader in Cloud Native Compliance, providing open source solutions, managed services and professional services allowing organizations with high security and compliance requirements to deliver scalable software faster, better and cost-efficiently in modern cloud native environments. Their flagship product – Compliant Kubernetes – is the first distribution of Kubernetes that is specifically designed to meet the demands from laws and regulations such as PDL, GDPR, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001.

Elastisys are currently experiencing high demand. A number of industries, such as healthcare, finance, and the public sector, have begun to look at container-based software development as it offers the opportunity to develop better software solutions more quickly, at a lower cost, while still adhering to strict regulations. Robert Winter, CEO at Elastisys, explains:

“Being able to make use of the cloud native approach to software development and operations has become an important competitive advantage across all industries. We see unique growth opportunities making cloud native easily available to regulated organizations, so we decided to reach out to SEB and Norrlandsfonden to see if they could help us get our solutions to market faster.”

SEB and Norrlandsfonden have decided to support the company with a total loan of SEK 3 million. Anna Hedström, business analyst at Norrlandsfonden, sees a great market potential:

”Elastisys research based solutions are available in a market that is expanding rapidly and the company has grown significantly in recent years. We look forward with great interest to follow the company’s continued journey”.

Andreas Gunnarsson, advisor at SEB, also has confidence in Elastisys business:

“When Wallenberg funded research takes a step further into becoming a sustainable business idea, it is especially fun to be able to assist with bank financing in the expansion phase. This is something we at SEB are happy to do, together with Norrlandsfonden as our trusted partner. We believe the company has great potential in the future market as there is clearly a need for this”.

Through this investment, the company plans to scale up and expand into additional markets.