Self-Managed Compliant Kubernetes

Run Compliant Kubernetes on any cloud or on-premise infrastructure of your choice with full support from Elastisys, its maintainers.

Kubernetes certified

Service Provider, Training, and Platform


Unified Kubernetes platform without lock-in

Secure by design

Open source, locked down hard

Experienced vendor

Running critical workloads since 2011

Self-Managed Compliant Kubernetes​

Run Compliant Kubernetes on any cloud or on-premise infrastructure of your choice with full support from Elastisys, its maintainers.

Build customer value faster with cloud-agnostic open source

Meet business demands

Different market segments require different cloud infrastructure. Some even require on-premise. Leave no business on the table using a unified Kubernetes platform to target them all.

Save time

Save time on training and maintenance with a single unified Kubernetes platform across all cloud or on-premise deployments: compatible with all, tied to none.​

Save money

The dedicated support of a partner that truly cares, but with a price tag that is significantly lower than Red Hat OpenShift, VMware Tanzu, and Rancher.

Innovate faster with confidence

Application developers innovate faster with full focus on their application code with a safe and secure Kubernetes platform, built to meet the world's toughest regulatory compliance demands.

Build customer value faster with open source

Enable your application developers to focus on application development by providing them with a Kubernetes platform built with embedded security and regulatory compliance.


Big enough to act, small enough to care

Elastisys as your Support Partner

Evaluate ready-made due diligence documentation of Elastisys as a support partner

Compliant Kubernetes docs

Technical documentation for platform administrators and application developers

Responsibility model

Learn what is included in the support deal for self-managed Compliant Kubernetes

Supported all the way with self-managed Compliant Kubernetes

Fully-featured platform with the same great developer experience as our managed services.

Up and running in no time and without uncertainty: we can help set up the platform for you.

Secure and up to date with the same upgrade and maintenance scripts as in our managed service.

2nd line support during workdays between 08-17 CE(S)T

The path to self-managed Compliant Kubernetes


Infrastructure audit

Clarify needs and ways of working with your infrastructure team.

Elastisys will perform an infrastructure audit. The implementation plan will be tailored based on the outcome.


Compliant Kubernetes setup

Establish production environments on your infrastructure.

A dedicated Elastisys team sets up Compliant Kubernetes. All steps will be documented and training material will be prepared for hand-over.


Hand-over and support

Empower your team to operate Compliant Kubernetes on any cloud.

Cluster operator training, including day 2. Developer training and continuous DevSecOps support.

Words of trust & confidence

Meet our Senior Cloud Architect & DPO

Many companies invest heavily in cloud or on-premises infrastructure. This involves not only setting up servers but also certifying operational processes and technical setups to meet security standards.Elastisys open-source Compliant Kubernetes, backed by our CKA experts, meets developers' demand for modern cloud-native platforms. Our platform offers high-end security, regulatory compliance, and modern tools for developers.

Pricing information

Our services start at just

4000 EUR per month

with costs scaling per core the platform runs on. No hidden fees, no surprises. Let’s talk to create a tailored plan just for you.

Get in touch and let’s discuss your needs!

Interested in getting started?

Self-managed Compliant Kubernetes with support from Elastisys allows you to cost-efficiently target the market segments you need, saves time and money by reducing administration work, and its built-in security lets your developers innovate faster and with greater confidence.

Contact us to start growing your business with self-managed Compliant Kubernetes.

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Elastisys is an ISO 27001 certified company

20+ certified engineers

Open source contributors

Elastisys is an ISO 27001 certified company

20+ certified engineers