Professional services

Benefit from our commitment to your cloud-native success! We offer professional services based on our extensive experience with DevOps tools, the cloud native landscape and cloud research. We help organizations design, build, and operate robust, cost-efficient, and scalable services – on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. We work closely with you to provide a setup tailored for your business needs. As you realize your optimal cloud-native infrastructure, we manage it and guide you along the Kubernetes learning curve. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

Cloud Architecture

Elastisys ensures that your applications can run in the cloud(s) according to best practices. We excel in design of modern microservice architectures. We also have long history of helping organizations design scalable applications that can run in hybrid environments with on-premise datacenters integrated with one or more public cloud providers. In particular, we love working with vendor neutral solutions from the cloud native computing landscape.

DevOps Services

Elastisys offers professional services all along the DevOps and cloud journey. We help with containerization, building continuous integration and deployment pipelines, and orchestration. Our services also include observability, analytics, and container networking. Elastisys offers initial feasibility studies, design and architecture projects, and implementations. We have extensive experience with DevOps, the cloud native landscape, and all major cloud vendors. We define a strategy based on the most suitable tools and select technologies to be perfectly tailored to your service. We provide configuration management that makes your deployments easy to update, dependable, and less susceptible to human error. We have many years experience of getting companies up and running with tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Vagrant, Puppet, Chef, Ansible and Terraform.

Data Science and Analytics Services

Building and starting to operate your application is just the first steps. After that you want to continously improve your services to keep customers coming back. We help you set up the infrastructure and pipelines that let you analyze and improve your application over time.

As a spin-off from Umeå university’s renowned Distributed Systems group, one of Europe’s most successful, our data science expertise can significantly accelerate your projects.

We have experience from building the large-scale data infrastructures required to power today’s’ complex data science projects, including containerization and cluster management. We also know how to architect, develop and maintain analytic pipelines, using best of breed solutions as well as managed services.