Elastisys offers a number of professional services, based on our extensive experience with cloud management tools and related research. We help organizations start using the cloud, design solutions that make their cloud deployments even more robust and efficient, and help integrate our cloud platform with already existing systems. Please contact us to learn more about what we can offer your organization.

Cloud Advisory Services

Deploying your online service in the cloud can significantly lower operational expenditures, but is the cloud right for your service?

Elastisys offers professional services along all steps of the way to the cloud: initial feasibility studies, determining which parts of your service is ready for the cloud or not; cloud onboarding, including choosing suitable cloud infrastructure providers and pricing plans to optimally suit your service and its requirements; service architecture and design, where a suitable cloud deployment strategy based on the most suitable components and technologies are selected to be perfectly tailored to your service; and configuration management, which makes your cloud deployments fast, easy to update, and dependable, and less susceptible to human error.

As a spin-off from Umeå university’s renown Distributed Systems group, one of Europe’s most successful, our expertise in these areas can significantly facilitate your cloud adoption strategy. Contact us today to start the discussion and to get a quote.

Automated Operations Services

We have many years experience of helping companies get up and running with devops tools and processes such as Docker, Kubernetes, Vagrant, Puppet, Chef, Ansible and Terraform.

R&D Collaborations

Based on our close research ties, we collaborate with R&D departments at large enterprises who want to apply cutting edge cloud and automation know-how to pave the way for their business offerings of the future. We’ve both put active, leading researchers as consultants in highly technical R&D projects or just facilitated industry-research collaborations or workshops.