We are cloud-native to the core. Our solutions build upon the best open-source software available, and extend them to make our vision of worry-free IT operations come true.

Selected solutions

Our engineering team consists of DevOps experts and data scientists, who custom-build solutions based on your needs. As Kubernetes and RedHat partners and CNCF members, you can depend on our solutions to be based on the very best cloud-native software. Whether on-premise or in a public cloud, our solutions help accelerate your success.

In addition to our own team, we closely collaborate with researchers at the Distributed Systems research group at Umeå university, Sweden. They provide algorithms and ideas that help fuel our advanced automation software that goes beyond the state of the art.

Elastisys Cloud Management Platform icon

Elastisys Cloud Management Platform

Elastisys Cloud Management Platform puts cloud optimization and automation first. It offers unparalleled online cloud cost optimization via machine learning and artificial intelligence. Administrators can set deployment constraints for regulatory purposes on e.g. data locality.

The Elastisys scheduler, optimizer, and predictive autoscaling engine continually ensure that the application is available, has sufficient capacity, and that the deployment stays within given constraints. Even if parts of the application must be deployed in a new cloud region or with another cloud provider, due to fault recovery reasons.

Elastisys CMP is the result of more than a decade of research and development, and its algorithms deliver quantifiable results.

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Elastisys Highly Available Kubernetes

Elastisys Highly Available Kubernetes gives operators peace of mind as Kubernetes becomes a central piece in the software delivery pipeline. Due to their distributed nature, Kubernetes clusters are sensitive to when core components are unavailable. With our solution, based on standard Kubernetes, these components are replicated and kept available to the largest extent possible.

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Elastisys Scalable Kubernetes

The Scalable Kubernetes project by Elastisys safeguards important core components and Pods in the face of cluster scaling operations. It goes beyond the state of the art in ensuring that vital parts of your applications do not get affected by scaling decisions. Combining this with our predictive autoscaler offers extensive cloud cost savings.

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Elastisys Kubernetes Insights

Elastisys Kubernetes Insights packages and configures logging, monitoring, and tracing software to provide the data upon which accurate operational decisions can be made. It provides an easy to use interface to explore your Kubernetes-based application deployment and cloud infrastructure. Learn what is going on in your cluster, to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) and to make the right decisions about how it should evolve to best suit your needs.