We serve forward-thinking companies that offer unique services to their customers. We design and build custom cloud and container solutions to meet your demands. This way, you can focus entirely on bringing value to your customers. Our solutions are based on the best open-source software available, and allow your team to be productive from day one. Our intelligent custom-written software makes the most of this open basis and enhances it. This is how we provide you with worry-free IT operations.

Empowered by Elastisys solutions

We believe that our customers should be free to spend as much time improving their services as possible. Any time spent on tasks that can be automated represents a missed opportunity. Our solutions help you reclaim that time, and put it to good use. We design software architectures driven by automation, DevOps, and operational intelligence. The technology stack mostly builds on open source, such as Kubernetes or OpenStack. Because of this, support is readily available and expertise within your organization easy to find. On top of that, we put our custom software, configured to keep your operations simple and worry-free.

Elastisys is a Technical and Service Partner of the Kubernetes project. Our technical team consists of experts in Amazon Web Services (AWS), contributors to OpenStack, DevOps masters, and data scientists. In addition to our great team, we work very closely with the cloud research group at Umeå university in Sweden. They provide us with insights, tools, and methods that help us deliver solutions that stand out from the crowd.

Selected solutions

Most of our solutions are customer-specific to solve a particular need the customer has. Some of our customers permit us to open source some of these solutions, or at least describe them here on the web. Selected examples of such solutions are listed below. Contact us when you are ready to take the next step in automation and grow your business. Our team of domain experts within cloud, DevOps, automation, and artificial intelligence is standing by.

Kubernetes logotype

Highly available Kubernetes clusters

Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform by Google. It has made software delivery easier than ever before. However, running a cluster ready for production is not a simple task. From experience, we know that one of the most difficult tasks is making sure the cluster is ready at all times. For that reason, our expert engineers set out to create a perfect cluster configuration. We have it, use it, and have delivered it to happy customers. Some of the work is described in this technical blog post. Neither we nor our customers spend any time worrying about the clusters, as they are rock solid. Some have installed clusters on-premise, others in public clouds. Contact us, Sweden’s first and only Technical Partner of the Kubernetes Project, and empower your team’s software delivery with Kubernetes.

Scalable WordPress logotype

Scalable WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most used content management system, and it powers 30% of the web. Because it is easy to start with, it is the number one choice of content creators. It is very easy to install and get started with. However, simple installations don’t scale. If your audience outgrows your server’s capacity, you need to scale up. Elastisys offers just the right solution for that, namely Scalable WordPress. First, we separate the components of WordPress (database, file system, the WordPress application, and so on). Then, we use our expert knowledge and configure them for high speed operation. Finally, we use our predictive auto-scaler to scale each component as needed. By doing so, your content can be served to all your viewers. And when demand goes down during off-hours, so do your hosting costs.

Elastisys Scalable Magento logo

Scalable Magento

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that has provided great online shopping experiences since 2008. As any online retailer knows, the customer shopping experience is key to presenting and selling goods. One of the most important technical tasks is making sure that the site is quick to load and response is very fast. The worst that can happen is that people leave your site because it is not working fast enough and never come back. By using the cloud, Elastisys smart predictive systems, and the best open source software, we can make sure that does not happen. Your site will always be able to respond quickly and your customers will always be happy to browse and shop in your store. Trust us to get the technology right, so you can spend more time reaching out to your customer base!