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What was observability again?

Let us dive deeper into observability: What it is, the different types and what it technically means to implement observability.
What do I need to add on top of Kubernetes

What do I need to add on top of Kubernetes?

Is Kubernetes sufficient by itself? This post highlights the features that a DevOps team typically needs to add on top of a vanilla Kubernetes cluster to obtain a secure, production-ready Kubernetes cluster.

Evaluation of Cloud Native Message Queues

Kafka, NATS, or RabbitMQ? Kian Nassiri's master thesis compares message queuing systems. Which has best performance and scalability in 2021?

Kube-Prometheus – A Complete Monitoring Stack Using Jsonnet

Monitoring your application and its platform is basic hygiene for running a healthy software-as-a-service business. But how exactly do you monitor your application? In this post, we will illustrate how to achieve that using kube-prometheus.

How open source benefits business continuity

One of the most important aspects of compliance is business continuity. In this post, we will explain how using off-the-shelf open source components makes business continuity planning a breeze for risk officers.