Operational Instances In Spite of Errors

Two operational instances and one non-operational

We have blogged about the various ways the Elastisys Cloud Platform keeps your cloud deployment rightsized, and why it is important. But the key to ensuring a good user experience is not just to have the right number of cloud instances, but that they are all fully operational. In this blog post, we look more into what that means and how the Elastisys Cloud Platform can help using its Health Checks, Cruise Control, and Cloud Pools features.

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Cloud pool API v3 released

We are happy to announce that we have released updated cloud pool APIs and implementations, making cloud pools more easy to work with and adding support for features related to application health checking that should benefit all our users. Head over to scale.cloudpool github repository and download the current cloud pool implementations for OpenStack, Amazon Web Services (EC2, Spot Instances, and Auto Scaling Groups) and enjoy the updates!

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